5 Dynamic Australian Entrepreneurs to Watch out for in 2017

5 Dynamic Australian Entrepreneurs to Watch out for in 2017

I'm always on the hunt for the odd one, the Willy Wonka of the business world. Those individuals not just talking about issues but taking action. Action like Jean Claude van Damme took in some of his classics such as double team which unfortunately had Denis Rodman or hard target where he had long hair and an actual dynamic side kick.

Either way, I'm getting off topic. I've compiled a short but sharp list of a few entrepreneurs I'm watching carefully in 2017. These are the kids off to the side at auskick at half time playing with the grass when everyone else is magnetised to the ball.

I wonder if one day we can invest in people? Ie Can I sell shares of myself? Not in an Amsterdam sort of way, but in a way that we could fund our future endeavors selling ten percent of our future earnings. If so, I'd buy shares in these people.

Anyway here's my list of 5 Entrepreneurs to watch in Australia in 2017.


Nirary Dacho and Anna Robson

Nirary and Anna are the co creators of Refugee Talent  .They joined together in 2015 to solve the problem of refugees struggling to get their first local work experience in their new country. So they set out to create Refugee Intern which is now Refugee Talent, a digital platform to connect skilled refugees with companies offering short and long term job opportunities.

Nihary has lectured at university in Syria and worked for the Assyrian Human Rights Network, whilst Anna has aided the Nauru detention centre and save the children. This makes a diverse and highly adept team.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Nihary and Anna through The Difference Incubator and a friend of mine Caroline Sanz who works heavily as an enterprise consultant fostering innovation with social enterprises such as these. Safe to say this team are only going to make more of an impact in the workforce. A clever business model, sharp team and an issue that's only going to become more important in the Australian workforce, not to mention the planet.

After recently agreeing to aid the Australian Tax Office with finding more diversity it looks like they will initially be able to help large government organisations with their recruiting, then move through to mid and small businesses to help them think outside their current recruiting schemes. Watch for Nihary and Anna to be front and center to the action with a problem (lack of economic opportunity and unemployment) that's been listed by business insider as a nearly as big as food and water insecurity around the world.


Roslyn Campbell

Roz is the founder of Tsuno, she crowdfunded $40,000 wearing a vagina costume, enough said. It takes Atticus Finch amounts of courage to do that for a cause you truly believe in. 

Tsuno was created via the need that women in Sierra Leone miss up to a week of school every month due to the fact that they don't have access to Sanitary products. So she's teamed up with a manufacturer to create these products from bamboo, which are free from chlorine and dioxide bleach. She also works closely with One Girl, a non for profit by donating 50% of all profits directly to this charity.

You can see more on Roz's pozible campaign here, but if you're running Libra and you're not trying to get Roz on your side, what are you doing with your business.

If you don't talk to her, she'll build a team and steamroll you in a few years. Which reminds me of another Van Damme film, Lionroll. Although the rotten tomatoes team gave that an unfair 33%. Unlike Tsuno the movie which will get 100%.


Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett

You couldn't have a list and not include these dudes. Hailing from Brisbane, they started Orange Sky laundry in September 2014. Named after an eclectic song by Alexi Murdoch, they coordinate an organisation which delivers free mobile laundry services to the homeless.

Named as Young Australians of the year in 2016, it's clear these guys are already making a massive impact but the speed of which they've been able to expand and set up is a testament to the fact that they know how to grow.

With Vans set up in 7 cities, over 600 volunteers utilised each week, The Orange sky is the limit for Nic and Lucas. 

Orange Sky are currently servicing locations in North Queensland in the Bowen and Dingo Beach Areas from cyclone debbie, aiming to help all those affected. You can even call Lucas on his mobile to ask for assistance. I can't even call most of my friends for assistance. Talk about not straying from your initial mission and staying humble. 


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